Socio-Technical Skills

World is a complex system governed by interaction of social and technical systems. Social Systems consist of Actors in the system, and the surrounding in which they operate. Technical systems consist of processes and tools used in the system.

For operating in such system, people need both sets of skills. We conduct some very niche training programs for few of these skills. Conducted by experts in their specific domains, these programs impart skills that are vital to understand the complex system, and excel in it .

Working with our Clients

We collaborate with our clients to define the sets of skills required for their specific environment that are mission-centric and sustainable. Our experienced team helps clarify goals, calibrate responsibilities, minimize stovepiping, ensure technology supports business operations, and guarantee that vital knowledge is preserved.

Our Socio-Technical Skills Programs

Design, primarily, is considered to be a technical function, performed mostly by engineers or techies. The focus on functionality is so high, that often the user side story is lost. The resultant of this is a product / service which users do not want to or can not use at all. Look around you, and you will be able to spot such product, services, designs, buildings.

Design Thinking is the art of Thinking (from other perspectives) in the science of Design. It tries to put the designer in the users shoes, while designing the product or services. The product is created as a protype, with a feedback mechanism and is evolved in iterations.

We conduct Design Thinking programs at introductory levels to help people understand what it is and where they can apply it, and at advanced levels to help them understand the detailed process of Design Thinking, and how to achive the desired results from it.

Life would lose its charms, had everything been rational and predictable. It would become monotonous with nothing to look forward to, as everything would be as per the design with nothing going wrong. To make life interesting, Creator added VUCA, and spiced it up. Not everyone can handle the spices though.

To operate in the VUCA world, we need to be able to understand it. Our training is designed to help participants understand why it is important to understand VUCA, asects of VUCA that impacts them, how to analyze it, and how to handle it.

One of the major sources of VUCA is the decision maker and the human beings surrounding her / him. Frought with biases, the decisions go for a toss. In this training, we also help people understand the biases in decision making and the disasters it can result into.

Project management is often, and mistakenly so, considered a technical job role. Project manager is required to primarily handle stakeholders and own team members. Then the realization sinks it that it is much simpler to do the work, than get it done from a team of techies operating in a complex human team.

That is where human aspects of project management are required the most. We conduct a two day workshop specifically targeted towards teaching these skills of leadership, management, communications, stakeholder management, team building, team management, motivation, negotiations, conflict management.

All these concepts are taught through Games, Videos, Story-telling, and other activities. Learning with a smile is our methodology.

Over the ages, human had to learn computer languages in order to deal with them. Seems, the table has been turned. Now, computers are wanting to learn human languages in order to cope with the growing demand for such applications that can deal with humans who do not understand computer lingo.

Apperantly, that is not so simple, because human, and hence the language they use, is complex. "Language" becomes "Lingo" and the brain still is able to process the meaning of it. Natural language understanding and processing (NLU / NLP) is a high growth area in computer applications. In order to help people understand the human side of the story, we conduct trainings on NLU / NLP applications, the way human brain processes it, so that same can be replicated in computers.

Our language, technology, and training delivery experts have together created this program to benefit the techies, who want to understand the concepts of Natural language understanding and processing (NLU/NLP) to design better computer applications.