Microsoft® Project

Microsoft® Project is one of the most widely used software for managing projects. We train people on using Microsoft® Project for managing their projects in accordance with the PMBOK® Framework.

This training is a perfect blend of concepts and software skills. Using a running case study project, we train people to use Microsoft® project for managing the project and acquire skills desired by the Industry.

This is a two-day training course with complete hands-on exercises. We provide only the training. Software required for the training has to be arranged by the client. We will not be able to assist you in getting the software. Kindly Excuse.

Microsoft® Project Course

The following topics are covered in the 2-day Microsoft® Project Course:

  • Project Planning using Microsoft® Project
    • Understanding the Basics of using Microsoft® Project, User interface, features like backstage, slider zoom and Timeline etc.
    • Creating new blank project, or a new project using templates, defining project parameters, Creating a list of tasks, Entering durations, milestones, creating dependencies, Checking the Project information
    • Setting resources, Assigning resources to tasks, Understanding Team-planner
    • Examining Resource Allocation and Resolving Resource Overallocations
    • Providing Lead and Lag in the Tasks, Changing the Precedence relationship between tasks, Task Constraints, understanding Critical Path, Adjusting Working
    • Time for Individual Tasks, Deadline
    • Setting Up a Recurring Task
    • Entering Costs, Entering Multiple Pay Rates for a Resource
    • Applying Different Cost Rates for Assignments
    • Setting Up Pay Rates to Apply at Different Times
    • Setting Up Resource Availability to Apply at Different Times
    • Entering Material Resource Consumption Rates
  • Formating elements of the Project Plan
    • Formatting the elements of a Gantt chart
    • Adding a drawing element to the Project Gantt chart
    • Formatting elements of a view
    • Formatting the bars of a Gantt chart
    • Formatting the Network diagram
    • Sorting the project data
    • Grouping the project data
    • Filtering the project data
  • Project Execution with Microsoft® Project
    • Tracking Progress on Tasks
    • Saving Project Baseline
    • Tracking a Project in multiple ways
    • Updating Project Baseline
    • Troubleshooting Schedule, Cost and Resource Problems
  • Project Monitoring & Controlling with Microsoft® Project
    • Viewing and Reporting Project Status
    • Viewing Task slippages
    • Viewing Task Costs
    • Viewing Resource Costs
    • Graphically Reporting Project Cost Variance
    • Various predefined reports available in Microsoft® Project
    • Printing options
    • Measuring Performance with Earned Value Analysis
    • Understanding resource pooling across projects