Project Management

Ability to manage projects is one of the most sought after skills in today's business environment. We help our customers develop this skill.

We offer project management trainings in different flavours to meet different requirements of the corporate clients as well as individuals. We train people for the most coveted and in-demand certification in the industry - The PMP® Certification. Besides this, we also train freshers and other stakeholders who may not be managing projects, but are part of the project management group as stakeholders.

Working with our Clients

We customize this program as per the requirements of our clients. We also help our clients define Project Management Processes, Governance models, and templates for managing their projects effectively..

Our Project Management Courses

PMP® is one of the most sought after certifications in the industry. We have trained 10,000+ participants from country's top companies for the PMP® certification in classroom, as well as Online Virtual Classroom sessions..

This program is delivered as an Instructor Led Course, over a period of 5 days. This program fulfills the requirement of 35 Hrs. contact hours training pre-requisite for attempting the examination.

Our program design and delivery make the learning interesting as well as provide complete conceptual clarity required for clearing the certification exam, rather than rote memorization.

This program is designed for participants who are part of a project team, or are stakeholders in the project. For them, it always makes sense to understand the project management lexicon, and principles in order to actively contribute to the project.

This program is delivered as an Instructor Led Course, over a period of 2 days.

The program is designed and delivered to suit an audience new to the project management domain. The concepts are cleared at fundamental level so that participants can work in a project environment.

We conduct customized programs for senior executives who need to be able to choose and undertake projects of strategic importance to the organization, prioritize these projects on rational basis, and ensure timely completion within the allocated budget. Here, the focus is majorly on the portfolio selection process, and project monitoring and controlling mechanisms.

As a part of this program, we cover modules on Strategic management, Alignment of projects with strategic objectives of the organization, EVM techniques, and Risk management.

Duration of this program ranges from 1 to 3 days, and most often in 4 hrs. sessions.

Projects are frought with uncertainties from almost every quarter, within and outside the organization undertaking the project. As per a study, only 20% of the project are considered successful in all aspects. Owing to this, managing uncertainties to enhances the chances of project success is an important part of project management.

We conduct specialized training on Project Risk Management to help organizations manage the uncertainties in a planned manner and minimize the shocks of cost overruns, schedule delays and enhance the chances of project success.