About Us

We are consulting and training company specialized in delivering trainings and solutions that requires in-depth technical know-how, process proficiency and domain expertise. ELearn India was formed with the vision of delivering state-of-the-art training and solutions using the best-in class methodology, amalgamated with latest framework and adaption of industry standards. Our greatest strength and asset is skill with mix-n-match of industry specialist and people with strong technical acumen who are specialized in delivering maximum business value for the customers.

We do not operate on factory-model, as we believe that the learning needs of every organization / individual is different. Before delivering any training, we perform training need analysis not only with the HR department, but also with a set of end users of the training, to understand their expectations, and align our delivery towards delivering maximum value for all the stakeholders.

We operate from passion and quest for excellence, which is our differentiator in the market full of training organizations. We are low on marketing , and high on word-of-mouth recommendations. Our participants and our customers are our marketing arms. They vouch for us. They come back to us for more. That is our biggest strength.

Leadership Team

K T Upadhyaya, Ph.D., PMP®

"KT" as he is fondly called by one and all, is the co-founder of ELearn India. KT drives and delivers the strategic training and consulting assignments at ELearn India. With over 34 years of experience. KT is a "Teacher" at heart, a "Data Scientist" by the brain and a "Passionate Project Professional" by profession. K T is also a Certified Instructor for PMP® Prep Course

An enginerring graduate, with a Masters in Software Systems Management, KT holds a Ph. D. in project risk management from BITS Pilani.

Jyoti Laturkar, PMP®

Jyoti is the backbone of our technical training and consulting delivery. Our customers consiser Jyoti as the "Go-To" person in event of a crisis in their IT Infrastructure and solutions and seek her help.

An engineering professional with 17+ years of experience, Jyoti is certified PMP®. She is passionate about "Solution Provider" approach which reflects in the trainings she conducts.

Barnana Sarkar, Ph.D.

Barnana is a Ph D in Linguistics from South Korea, and English Post-graduate, and hexa-lingual (English / Hindi / Bengali / Sanskrit / Chinese / Korean) with a command in Speaking, Reading and writing.

She runs our Language labs to help people understand languages. She conducts trainings on Natural Language Understanding / Processing, and how these are applied for NLU / NLP applications in Artificial Intelligence.