What is Analytics and AI?

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Decision-making is the backbone of any management function. Rational decision making requires ability to analyse data, interpret the results and apply the conclusions to business decisions.

Our experts train people in the field of data science, and help them decode complex business problems, devise an "Analytics strategy", and work out end to end solution for data analytics. We train you in defining what data to capture, how to gather the data from disparate sources, store it, analyse the same and draw actionable conclusions from it.

Working with our Clients

We customize the training in a collaborative manner with customer representatives, and develop the contnet that is customer specific. Our experienced trainers help you understand the concepts, and apply the same in your organizational context to derive the business benefits from data analytics.

Our Analytics and AI Courses

We cover the fundamentals of data science, before diving into the Descriptive analytics, including creation of business centric dashboards.

We train using tools from Microsoft® Excel, IBM Cognos Analytics, PowerBI and Tableu, to open source tools such as Report Server. We also train the techniques using open source technologies such as Python / R.

We cover the fundamentals of data science relevant to predictive analytics such as regression, time-series forecasting etc., before diving into the Descriptive analytics using specific tools.

We specialize in analytics training using tools IBM SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler, or open source technologies such as Python / R, as per customer requirements.

We also train participants to use Machine Learning Algorithms for predictive analytics which can be used for Customer segmentation based on definable customer attributes such as demographics, income group, ethnicity etc., Sales forecasting using time-series data, Market basket analytics to help in product recommendation such as "customer who bought this also bought this" , Customer loyalty prediction which is the biggest area of concern for industries where it is possible to switch from one product to similar product by competitor.

Analytics is used for making decisions regarding actions to be taken to correct or prevent a event from happening, or make a particular event happen. This is particularly useful in Manufacturing and operations.

We train on tools such as Planning Analytics and ILOG CPLEX. We ensure that participants are converant with Operations Research principles and provide the background knowledge for the same, if required.

With the growing usage of Natural Language Understanding / Processing applications in the Industry, there has been a surge in the need to know these techniques. Our experts help you understand the art and science of NLU / NLP using AI, and technogies such as IBM Watson.

We help you build applications such as Chatbots, and Customer sentiment prediction based on sentiment analysis of customer feedback.